Spring on the Farm

Spring is a busy time of the year on the farm. Here is what we have been up to:


We have been working on the asparagus beds for the upcoming season. We have also planted three acres of new asparagus on former grassland that has been grazed by the horses for the last five years. We planted two varieties from Guelph in Canada and will be cutting these from 2024 for, hopefully, ten years. We have laid drip irrigation to feed and water the new plants in our increasingly dry summers. This is a much greener option than overhead irrigation.


We have planted a new variety of plum, the “Malling Elizabeth”. Developed in East Malling and released in June 2022 to commemorate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, this new variety is similar to the much loved Victoria, but ripens two weeks earlier. We now have six varieties of plums to ensure a long “plum” summer. Our existing plums are now beginning to flower. So no severe frosts, please!



Six weeks ago we planted our early tunnel with strawberries and raspberries.   The Malling Centenary are now in flower and the raspberries, Glen Ample, will be close behind. Therefore, in four to five weeks we will begin our long and hopefully sunny, soft fruit season. On the vegetable side we are pulling outdoor rhubarb, available in the shop now, alongside the tender forced rhubarb that we get in the market.



This month Caracol Camping are putting up their eight luxury bell tents in preparation for a season of glamping, starting 1st of May. The facilities have been extended this year to make the camping experience even more enjoyable.  This wonderful spot on the farm, set in a wildflower meadow, is adjacent to native, coppiced woodland where the bluebells will be in full flower in four weeks time. Coupled with the remote nature of the site is the terrific long views toward Crowborough; this is a great place to recharge your batteries!

For regular up dates and availability follow them on instagram (@caracol_camp) or on their website, www.caracolcamping.co.uk