Why you should start eating seasonal fruit and vegetables



Blueberries from the farm, now in season

In earlier times all we ate was seasonal fruit and veg. Now with our 24/7 supermarkets, we can pretty much get what we want, when we want. Shelves are stocked with a variety of products grown all around the world. Summer fruit is shipped in from the Southern Hemisphere and offered to us, at a price, in the middle of winter. 

This convenience is great but damaging. There are massive benefits to only eating seasonal fruit and veg .

What is eating seasonally?

Eating seasonally is a call to action! It’s about only purchasing and eating food that is grown the same time you eat them. As foods can be grown somewhere in the world at anyone time, eating seasonally specifically means eating food that’s been grown locally to where you live. 

Seasonal fruit and veg tastes better


Fruit and veg has a limited shelf life. From the moment it is picked, it will start to breakdown and become less nutritious. To feed us the same fruit and vegetables week-in-week-out, produce is grown around the world and travels long distances. Unseasonal fruit and veg sacrifices flavour for convenience. 

When you eat seasonally, your food is farmed locally and doesn’t travel long distances to reach you. It’s ready to eat straight away and will be super fresh and with more flavour. 

Seasonal food is healthier

Generally, the fresher the food, the healthier.   The closer your food is grown to you, the fresher and more nutritious it is. And it can't be much closer than locally grown in Kent.

Eating seasonal Fruit & Veg is good for the environment

Every piece of fruit & veg we buy has travelled to the shelves. It’s travelled by plane, or by train, or by lorry. By eating seasonally, you can limit your own carbon footprint. By eating seasonal fruit and vegetables, you are cutting the distance between farm and shop. In the case of Groombridge Farm Shop, it takes ten minutes to get our produce to the shop. 

Eating Seasonally Supports Your Local Community

Our seasonal produce is grown as near to the shop as possible. When you buy seasonal food, you are feeding profits back into your local farmers and growers. Local farmers play a major part in our community, so eating what they grow shows support. It allows them to stay in business to bring you more seasonal produce throughout the year. 

Eating Seasonally Broadens your Food Knowledge

 Cooking ,or the thought of it, can be overwhelming.   Asparagus takes 10 minutes!    One reason Groombridge Farm Shop is passionate about seasonal food shopping is because it inspires people to try new fruit and veg. It lets you rediscover why you love cooking and draws you closer to the food on your plate. 

Seasonal Fruit and Veg Saves You Money

Eating seasonally can save you money. Out of season fruit and veg has either been grown under plastic with heat, or grown abroad and transported to us. This costs the supermarkets, and they pass these costs onto us.

Seasonal food is naturally grown near the point of sale reducing the cost of the transport.  Better fruit & veg at a better price, as you don’t have to cover the costs of the airfare!

How can I eat seasonally?

Eating seasonally can be intimidating – how do you know what’s in season or what’s coming into season? It’s easier than it looks.   You can start by buying food at farmers markets or from your local farm shop. 

You can also subscribe to the Groombridge Farm Shop blog and newsletter. We email out the best seasonal fruit & veg every month. Simple pop your email in the box at the bottom of any of the pages on our website.

Use Groombridge Farm Shop’s Click & Collect Service

Groombridge Farm Shop is dedicated to supplying you with seasonal fruit and veg from local suppliers. In fact, some of our veg is grown on our farm! You can’t get more local than that!

Take a look at our fresh fruit and veg on our click & collect service, and start eating seasonally today.